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Greetings, Folklore Affecionados!

November 2017
Hello, I am Kerry, your guide to all that's happening on this website.  I appreciate all the feedback we have gotten, and always welcome your input, comments, what have you. 

Fresno folk music and arts scene is alive and vibrant, as is Fresno Folklore Society, and the goal here is provide information, announcements (especially concerts), artists bios and photos, audio and video players, a functioning society calendar, online access to our awesome newsletters, forms to send us a note, and our little store where one can purchase membership, occasionally tickets, and we shall see what down the road.

This website is a work in progress.  The core website is done and functioning nicely.  Artists bios are coming along, with 40 current artist pages, of which 13 have developed bios.  This is where I need help.  Please assist me with bios, photos, songs as mp3s, videos as mp4s, you name it, for your favorite band or artist.  Let's communicate  There are forms on this site, or just email me at  If you wish to speak directly, please shoot me an email to that effect, and we can make ithappen.
 Youth musicians, dancers, and artists.  Unite!  Fresno Folklore Society can be a tremendous resource for you.

Just add your voice.  You need help putting on a concert?  Getting your cd or dvd recorded and printed?  How 'bout some space promoting you on our website?

Well, FFS is here to support folk arts.  Bring your best game, and show us what you got!  Use the forms or send Kerry an email at:
MIa Cuppa Cafe has gone through a makeover.  They are The Revue again! 
Check them out and support them in the Tower!

 Photo by Pat Wolk