Fresno Folklore Society

A Non Profit Corporation for Traditional Arts

Fresno, California

Finegold Ranch

    Located in Madera County,

Finegold Ranch has been a place of learning and teaching, of connections built between people (and animals) and time spent alone finding oneself. It has been a space for healing, for preservation, and for growth. Many fine memories were forged at this sacred spot, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and there will be more opportunities to create new memories on the horizon as we pick ourselves up and move forward with a common dream: for Finegold to be a part of the community and the larger picture again, to make a difference, to improve life, to give back to the people who have supported this beautiful place through the hard times...


Finegold Ranch Easter Weekend


Easter Weekend - 67th Year!

Saturday, Mar 31

Pig Pit Barbeque (Donation) 

Music, Song, Dance, Comradery, Camping!

Egg Dying:  11:00am - 1:00pm


Sunday, April 1

Bunny Comes to Council Rock - 10:30am

Song, Love, & Laughter!

Picnic at Easter Meadow




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