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Evo Bluestein!

Evo Bluestein

Evo Bluestein of Fresno’s first family of folk, is a multi-talented musician, popular dance caller, and gifted educator. Evo continues to perform and teach. His music has been heard and enjoyed by many--locally, nationally, and internationally.  

Update on October 20, 2020!  This Friday at 7 PM!

Virtual Santa Fe Basque Jam on Zoom, Fridays. $5

Missing those tunes? Missing those friends? We can't meet at the usual Wedenseday, Fresno Folklore Society jam, honoring Kenny Hall, but we can Zoom. Perhaps you have a student or friend who would enjoy this. Below are some of the regularly requested tunes at those sessions. 

Kenny sang Carter Family, Charlie Poole and broad range of great oldtime
songs and tunes. He also played songs from many other countries. We use
Vykki Mende Gray's great book of Kenny Hall music as well as other song
sheets I have written out of Kenny's Music

Evo Bluestein facilitates a Zoom music jam using tunes and songs from the
repertoire of the late Kenny Hall. If you have Kenny’s book, get it out. I
will ‘screen share’ too. Don’t have it? Get it on Amazon
Sliding scale: $5-$20 per person
Venmo (user:
Send me your email for the Zoom invite.

Who was Kenny Hall?
Please share with your friends and lists.
Kenny Hall Zoom Jam, 7-8 PM, Friday, Oct. 23

Here are a few tunes we have recently played or might play, in case you'd
like to prepare with the book:
Mt. Shasta Waltz
Back Up and Push
Rose Tree
Sally In the Garden
Stony Point
Hesiation Blues
Sullivan's Hollow

Evo Bluestein <> (559) 297-8966

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 871 1977 7115
Passcode: 281814

About Zoom Events with Evo

I will host a Zoom jamon Fridays from 5:30 until Zoom kicks me off. Your mute button will be pressed so you can only hear me–sorry, that's the only way it works, at least you can see each other. I can have the song sheets on Screen Share for some of these tunes, to make it easier to play chords and sing songs (indicate if you want that when you reply). You may play whatever instrument you wish or just sing. Sign-up and send me other favs for consideration–no guarantees. (I have to be able to lead it).

Suggested fee is $5 Paypal or Venmo (

Here are some tunes from previous Virtual Jams!
N. Sanger Blues
Steph's Reel
Soldier's Joy
St. Anne's Reel
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Guinness on a Saucer
Whiskey Before Breakfast
No. 11 on the Jukebox
Columbus Stockade Blues
Peeler Creek Waltz/ Peeler's Jacket
Brazilian Tune

I don't have everyone's email so please feel free to share this. 😀🎻🎶



Evo Bluestein (559) 297-8966

See our Calendar for other Events with Evo!
Evo is also an inventor of unique and beautiful autoharps for his brands, Evoharp and Sparrowharp.

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Evo Bluestein with student

For Sale Now: "The Road to Sweet's Mill" by Evo

The Road to Sweet's Mill by Evo Bluestein

  “Road to Sweet’s Mill” contains hundreds of photos from performances at the music camp across the years. An audio CD also accompanies the book, with 22 rare and historical field recordings — the earliest from 1964, the most recent from 1986. The book also includes an extensive glossary of “Who’s Who and What’s What.”

The book includes an audio CD.

Order the book "Road to Sweet's Mill;" or Shop for:  Evoharps; CDs, LPs, and Books; Instruments; Instructional Materials; and Shirts:

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Evo Bluestein    (559) 297-8966

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