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Dos Valley Trio!

Dos Valley Trio


     Harry and Cindy Liedstrand with Terry Barrett are the Dos Valley Trio. Harry and Cindy live in the Diablo Valley and Terry lives in the San Joaquin Valley of California. The heart of their current repertoire comes from their association with outstanding Central Valley musicians.

Harry met Kenny Hall in 1967 and began learning traditional fiddle tunes. He played fiddle in the Sweet’s Mill String Band with Kenny, Jim Ringer, Ron Tinkler and Cary Lung. The SMSB toured the country with the Portable Folk Festival in 1971. During his travels, Harry collected fiddle tunes from Burl Hammons in West Virginia and Tommy Jarrell in North Carolina. Harry played in countless hillbilly bars and beer joints with Kenny throughout the San Joaquin Valley. He currently performs, teaches fiddle and runs string band workshops in the SF Bay Area.

Terry Barrett studied with Kenny Hall under a Maestro/Apprentice grant from the California Arts Council in 1983 and learned virtually Kenny’s entire musical repertoire. He played and recorded with Kenny and the Long Haul String Band. The band lived in Ireland and visited the Balfa family in Louisiana. After years of close collaboration, Terry’s mandolin style has come to capture Kenny’s “ethos” in an amazing way.

Cindy Liedstrand has played guitar with the Mount Diablo String Band and with the Liedstrand Family Band. Born in Fresno, she started learning 5-string banjo and rhythm guitar while immersed in the “Fresno sound” created by valley musicians like Kenny Hall, Jim Ringer and Ron Tinkler in the 1970s. She currently plays back up guitar with Harry for concerts, dances and workshops.