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    Jerry Thurston & Friends



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Jerry Thurston and Friends will be part of the double bill at the Wolk Garden on Sat, Oct 5.  I talked with Jerry to get a little background.  I have seen him perform at a couple of events, one of them the WILPF Craft Fair and was happily singing/dancing along to the performance.  Jerry grew up in a household that played records and radio all the time.  He has been singing all this life but did not take up a musical instrument until he was 44 and decided to learn the guitar. 


Mostly self-taught, he has had a few lessons and started going to open mics a few years ago.  Jerry was asked to play at The Tasting Room and this has worked into a monthly gig.  He met Jeff Hallack, the fabulous harmonica player,  through open mic and they began playing together. 


The third member of his “Friends” is Noa Kristi (everyone's favorite locksmith) who plays keyboard and was recommended by Jeff Hallack when Steve Barnes had to leave this band.  Steve Barnes used to play with Jerry but had too many commitments and is a permanent member of the Terry Barnes Trio who will split the bill at the concert scheduled for the Wolk Garden.  Sound just a little convoluted.  This  should be a good night for singing and dancing.  (Sue Wirt)


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$10 advance/FFS members; $15 at the gate.