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  A Non-Profit Corporation for the Traditional Arts

Fresno, California


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KPFA's "Pig in a Pen"

Interview with Evo Bluestein! 



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WILPF Peace Crafts Art Fair for 2018

December 1, 10am - 4pm

Fresno City College Cafeteria (Corner of Weldon and College Avenue)


Come on down to Tower District Records on Saturday, November 24, Noon to 1pm for Hesitation Blues , Terrry Barrett, Barry Shultz, and Evo Bluestein


Check out the week long 7th Annual Banjo Extravaganza all this week!

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Fresno Folklore Society


   Promoting the Excellence and Diversity

   of Local Folk Arts!


   Who are we? 

  • We were founded by folk musicians.
  • We promote live events.
  • We support our local event venues.
  • We archive recordings and videos of live performances.
  • We support local folk artisans and art shows.
  • We support local groups in the greater community of folk arts.


For the Love of Traditional Arts and Dance! 

   But then I met these people that would get me playing music again. People like Big John and Lorraine Halcomb, Pete Everwine, Frank Hicks, Ron Hughey, and Will Spires. And they liked that old-time stuff."  Kenny Hall 


   “We wanted a lot more cultural events than just music. All around life, you know, all the way through. Since people stayed longer, we wanted other things happening because some of them weren’t musicians. I tried to include as many kinds of art as we could.” — Virgil Byxbe, Sweet’s Mill Director

Something for everyone...

Fresno Folklore Society is a resource for everyone who either makes folk art or loves to experience it!